“A TV cancellation has never been such wonderful PR,” said Carrol Van Stone in Examiner.com. NBC’s decision to cancel a TODAY Show appearance by Ann Coulter—and, according to the Drudge Report, to flat-out ban her from the network—should do more to drum up sales for her new book than any TV appearance could. The controversy feeds her premise that the media is hopelessly skewed to the left—“some authors have all the luck!”

That’s why banning Coulter is a bad idea, said Aaron Barnhart in the Kansas City Star online. It just encourages her to continue to “leave flaming turd bags” filled with extreme-right vitriol on their doorsteps. The best way to deal with her is to ignore her, and let her wail away where she belongs—“on the non-MSM fringe.”

You have to hand it to Coulter, said Earl Ofari Hutchinson in American Chronicle. She knows that “all she has to do is shake that stringy blonde hair, prance around in tight mini skirts, show her rail thin, pale white legs, spew foul-mouthed expletives about her favorite whipping boy–liberals and the so-called liberal media–and the tongues roar furiously.” And the books fly off the shelves.

They always do, said Matt Lewis in AOL News. And this time will be no exception, thanks to vintage Coulter attacks on Michelle Obama as a Jackie Kennedy Onassis imitator, along with frequent snipes at "B. Hussein Obama." The question is whether this "William F. Buckley meets P.T. Barnum character" helps or hurts the conservative movement.