The Bush family might not leave Washington for long, said Fred Barnes in The Weekly Standard. As President Bush prepares to leave the White House, his brother, former Florida governor Jeb Bush, says he might run in 2010 to replace retiring Sen. Mel Martinez. Jeb's last name would be a "hindrance" if he ever decided to follow his father and brother into the White House, but he's a different kind of Bush—a small-government conservative with what he calls a "libertarian gene."

That's why the Republican Party needs him right now, said the National Review Online in an editorial. The White House is probably "closed to him," but Jeb Bush has the "vision, command of the issues, and a commitment to conservative principles" that the GOP leadership needs. He has the "right blend of ideas and the temperament" to help "rejuvenate conservatism."

Yes, and he was such a popular governor that the Republican nomination is his if he wants it, said Aaron Deslatte in the Orlando Sentinel. But his popularity has dwindled somewhat since he left office, and "the tanking economy and the toxic Bush brand" could cost him. And after Barack Obama became the first Northern Democrat to win Florida since Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Democrats might "relish pouring money into another fight against the Bush dynasty."