GOOD DAY FOR: Taking the ‘L’ train, after Chicago Mayor Richard Daley unveiled a plan to lease the city’s parking meters to a private company for 75 years. The plan, which will bring the city more than $1.1 billion, will raise neighborhood meter rates to $1 an hour next year and $2 an hour by 2013, from 25 cents now; downtown rates will hit $6.50 an hour by 2013, from $3 now. (AP via Google News)

BAD DAY FOR: Tasteful burgers, after Burger King’s “Whopper Virgin” marketing campaign ran into criticism from those who find it insulting and exploitative to ask barely surviving "burger virgins” in remote areas of the world to judge whether the Whopper or Big Mac tastes better. “It’s hard to place exactly where this begins on the level of wrongness,” said The Inquisitor blog. (The Daily Telegraph)