This hand-held charger captures wind energy and transfers up to 5 volts to any device you can plug in to one of its five adapters. The blades glow green when the lithium battery is charging.
Price: $50 Contact: Hymini.net
Source: Wired

Companion C1 radio
A combination radio, LED flashlight, and phone charger, the Companion C1 can be charged by hand crank or built-in solar panels. Price: $34.99 Contact: Earthtechproducts.com
Source: BusinessWeek

Ecopod E1
This home recycling center compresses cans and plastic bottles, à la Wall-E. Flattened containers—the Ecopod holds up to 60—can then be removed for curbside collection.
Price: $328 Contact: Ecopod.org
Source: BusinessWeek

Smart Strip
Even when shut down, computers can continue to suck costly electricity from outlets. This surge protector automatically shuts off the current to whatever electronics aren’t being used.
Price: $39.95 Contact: Smarthomeusa.com
Source: New York

Logan messenger bag
This stylish bag sports vegetable-tanned leather and an organic-cotton lining. It also has a flexible solar panel, so you can charge electronics on the go.
Price: $452 Contact: Noonsolar.com
Source: Domino