People magazine may have named Hugh Jackman as 2008’s “Sexiest Man Alive,” said Salon, but we disagree: This year's “Sexiest Man Living” goes to Robert Downey Jr. He’s made one of the greatest comebacks in Hollywood history, “wears his age and experience like a badge of honor, and looks comfortable in his own gorgeous skin.”

“Booooooo-ring,” said Josh Gillin in the St. Petersburg Times online. “We don't read celebrity fluff” for that kind of assessment. “Tell the ladies what they want to hear, Salon”: That Robert Downey Jr. “uses his six-pack abs to grate cheese for the omelet he cooks his wife Susan Levin every day for breakfast in bed before driving a Porsche to the orphanage to read the funnies to sick kids.”

Salon is “more cerebral” than People, said Celebitchy. They offer “hotties for thinking women,” so it makes sense that they chose the “former trainwreck bad boy who managed to reboot his career and is now an unapologetic star.” In Salon’s book, “an educated do-gooder trumps a chiseled” jerk any day.

But the “hormone arbiters” at People magazine “only have eyes for Hugh,” said Robert Kahn in Newsday online, and it makes sense: “With his 6-foot-2 frame, seeming-disinterest in shaving on a daily basis and pecs-of-granite, Jackman is an obvious choice for the top accolade.” And his wife Deborra-Lee Furness says he’s “a romantic who sings ballads at home and makes pancakes for the couple's children”—sounds pretty sexy to us.