GOOD DAY FOR: Pirates, after Somalian hijackers seized a massive Saudi Arabian supertanker, in the largest merchant ship heist in history. The oil-bearing supertanker, the Sirius Star, is larger than the Chrysler Building. Since January, Somalian pirates have attacked 88 vessels off the coast of Somalia, en route to the Suez Canal, and they are still holding 14 ships and 250 crew members hostage in Somalian waters. (Bloomberg)

BAD DAY FOR: Colombian pyramids
, after the South American government declared a state of emergency to deal with collapsing investment schemes targeting mostly poor investors. Panic broke out in 12 states as the schemes started to unravel. “I knew there was a huge risk,” said investor Jesus Bravo, 56, who lost $5,000 in one company. “Who can really expect a 70% return?” (Los Angeles Times)