People will argue over whether Barack Obama or John McCain would make a better president, said Fortune’s Jon Birger in CNNMoney, but “there are specific investments for which no debate is necessary.” For example, should Obama win, that's good news for investments in alternative energy, municipal bonds, and companies that build ports, roads, and bridges. If McCain wins, utilities and offshore oil outfits should do well.

Regardless, the election will “achieve one critical result,” said Brian Wingfield in Forbes: “The return of confidence in financial markets.” Does that mean an end to the global crisis? “Not a chance.” But stock markets hate uncertainty, and the election has been a drag. The market has already banked on an Obama win, but that doesn’t mean a McCain upset would cause more than a “temporary rattle.”

We’re in for some hard times either way, said Paul Farrell in MarketWatch. Half of voters will be angry Wednesday, and probably everyone is upset over the economy, but you’ll do better if you enter financial “survival mode.” Create a plan, focus and follow it, and treat setbacks—taxes, layoffs—as potential blessings.