Lifelong World Series' fan
Jessie Foyle, 93, has attended every World Series since 1964. This year was going to be especially sweet, since the Philadelphia resident is a lifelong fan of the National League champion Phillies. But money had gotten tighter and her streak was about to end—until a manager at an area Modell’s sporting goods store heard about Foyle from a local radio show. “It really kind of touched our hearts,” said Modell’s Derrick Morgan. So the company bought Foyle two tickets to Saturday’s Game 3, and now she plans to cheer on the Phils with one of her eight grandchildren. “I just love baseball,” a grateful Foyle said,  “and they’re the best team around.”

“Musical road” plays The William Tell Overture
Residents of Lancaster, Calif., really liked their “musical road,” and now they’re getting it back. The unique stretch of road, created last month for a car commercial, has grooves engineered into a quarter-mile strip that, when a car drives over them, play a rough, asphalt version of The William Tell Overture. The city paved over the road when some neighbors complained about the noise, but hundreds of others said they found the music inspiring. So the city has decided to re-create the road in an industrial area away from homes. “It will be a tourist attraction,” said Mayor R. Rex Parris. “It will pull people off the freeway.”

Military opens veterinary hospital
American military dogs wounded in action now have their own high-tech medical facility, after the Pentagon this week opened the military’s first full-service veterinary hospital. The hospital, located at Lackland Air Force Base in Texas, will serve wounded and ailing dogs from all service branches, as well as those that sniff bombs for the Transportation Security Administration. The new hospital has operating rooms, digital radiography, CT scanning equipment, an intensive-care unit, and rehab rooms. “We act as the Walter Reed of the veterinary world,” said Army Col. Bob Vogelsang, the hospital director.