Bin Bin wastebasket
This wittily designed container—available in red, black, and white—resembles the crumpled paper it’s intended to hold.
Price: $54 Contact:
Source: In Style

This space-saving wastebasket includes a detachable dustpan and brush. Available in white or metallic.
Price: $25 Contact:
Source: Metropolitan Home

VIPP pedal bin
Assembled by hand since 1939, this Danish classic features a rubber-lined lid that keeps odors ­contained. Available in various sizes and colors.
Price: $225–$385 Contact:
Source: Domino

TOP waste bins
These “rainbow-hatted” 6-gallon bins can be strung together to form a “color-coded waste-management center.”
Price: $140 Contact:­

Artala can
Graphic artist Joshua Davis brings his “color-­by-number ­aesthetic” to a “three gallon beaut,” made from degradable plastic.
Price: $16 Contact:
Source: Dwell