GOOD DAY FOR: Cattles’ futures, after an adviser to Australia’s government suggested eating more kangaroos to ease global warming. Methane from the belches and flatulence of cattle and sheep makes up 11 percent of Australia’s greenhouse-gas emissions, and Ross Garnaut says that switching to kangaroo would slash that. The nation’s $11 billion livestock industry isn’t buying it, and consumers are wary of eating the national symbol. (Bloomberg)

BAD DAY FOR: Studs, as a drop in the price of thoroughbred horses had led horse breeders to slash their mating fees. Claiborne Farm, the 93-year-old outfit that housed Secretariat, cut rates 30 percent on five of its 13 sires. “We are plagued by a vast oversupply,” says another breeder, James Squires, 65. “You can’t give them away. We’re going to have to ride them or eat them." (Bloomberg)