Dr. Fresh FireFly
The FireFly lights up and blinks for one minute, teaching kids how long to brush. It comes in a variety of color choices: pink, blue, green, yellow, and white. Price: $1 Contact:
Source: San Francisco Examiner

Oral-B Pulsonic
This design is the “slimmest and lightest rechargeable sonic toothbrush” on the market. Price: $69.99 Contact:
Source: The Earth Times

Philips Sonicare Flexcare
The sonic waves of this model “loosen and brush plaque away.” But its “coolest feature” is the UV sanitizer, which zaps “germs left  on the brush head.”  Price: $180 Contact:
Source: Men’s Journal

Grassy Organizer
Plant your toothbrushes in this organizer made of soft molded rubber. Available in green or white. Price: $9.50 Contact:
Source: The New York Times

Oral-B Triumph with Smartguide
This brush “pulsates to loosen plaque, then oscillates to sweep it away.” Its “Smartguide” feature lets you know how long to brush each section of your mouth. Price: $150 Contact:
Source: Men’s Journal