Shannon Doherty thinks she’s gotten a bum rap, says Dave Itzkoff in The New York Times. In 1990, she became a household name with her hit series Beverly Hills 90210. But it wasn’t long before she developed a reputation as an obnoxious party girl. In one widely publicized 1992 fracas, she shoved an actress at a club; the case was settled out of court. Big deal, she says. “What did I do? I went out. I was 18 years old! At 18, you’re going to sorority parties. I just did it in public. Just because I was on 90210 didn’t mean that I didn’t get to have my own experiences. I certainly wasn’t showing my crotch.” Doherty also snorts at reports that she got into fistfights on the set. “Does everybody get along at work 100 percent of the time? Nobody ever does. You may have your arguments here or there, and ultimately you make up and you move on.” Now 37, she refuses to brood about the past. “I really could care less about it anymore. I have nothing to apologize for. Whatever I did was my growing-up process that I needed to go through. And however other people may have reacted to that is their issue.”