Radke watering can
This copper pot—modeled on a 1950s-vintage design—will develop a soft patina when exposed to the elements.
Price: $36 Contact: Smithandhawken.com
Source: Dwell.com

Indoor Pour & Store
The spout pivots for “spot-on pouring and easy storage,” and the ergonomic handle provides a “nonslip grip.” Available in blue, yellow, orange, and green.
Price: $15 Contact: Oxo.com
Source: Real Simple

Pipe Dreams
With a whimsical pop sensibility, this can is anything but garden-variety.
Price: $79.99 Contact: Nova68.com
Source: Dwell.com

Haws plastic watering can
This sturdy garden companion comes in two sizes and has grips on both the handle and the cross stem, ensuring a balanced pour.
Price: $37.99 for the large, $13.99 for the small
Contact: Smithandhawken.com
Source: The New York Times

Lounge watering can
The “angled spout” of Metz & Kindler’s sleek, stainless-steel model makes it easy to “reach all your potted plants.”
Price: $98 Contact: Momastore.com
Source: Metropolitan Home