“Maybe it should have been called “The XXX-Files,” said Leo Standora in the New York Daily News. David Duchovny, best known for his role as Fox Mulder in The X-Files, told People magazine he “voluntarily” sought treatment for sex addiction. He didn’t go into details, but he once gave hints about his sex life when he talked about a steamy romp in a sauna with his wife, actress Tea Leoni.

“Though it may have been awhile,” said Natalie Finn in E! Online, “this isn’t the first time Duchovny’s sex life has turned into a talking point.” Duchovny denied rumors about his sex addiction in a 1997 interview in Playgirl. Leoni denied it, too, but she told Elle in 1998 that she found the idea “very exciting.”

More like “an unfortunate case of life imitating art,” said Veronica Schmidt in the London Times. Duchovny plays a “sex-obsessed womanizer” in the racy series “Californification.” Fans might have detected a hint at his personal life when, discussing that role, he likened women to drugs.

We feel bad for Leoni, said Carolyn Kellogg in the blog LAist, his kids, and for all the female fans, who would rather stand in line to provide the sexy Duchovny “a near-endless supply of enablers.” The only ones we don’t feel bad for are the execs at Showtime, because their show, “Californication,” dovetails nicely with the star’s “fall from grace.”