Meat Loaf isn’t all that thrilled that his daughter followed in his rock-’n’-roll footsteps, says Dave Simpson in the London Guardian. His 31-year-old daughter, singer Pearl Aday, is building a successful career as a solo artist and with her band, Mother Pearl. “It’s obvious the apple fell close to the tree. She’s got it,” Meat Loaf says. When Aday was young, he recalls, “she wanted to walk straight out on the stage with me, but she didn’t understand that it’s not that simple. You have to work and get good first.” Eventually, Meat Loaf let her sing backup for his band, and soon enough, she began landing gigs on her own. Knowing all about the excesses of rock life, Meat Loaf worried—especially after Aday began performing with the raunchy metal band Mötley Crüe. “I went to a gig and she was wearing a little G-string. It was hard to watch,” he says. “I’ve warned her about lifestyle, but she’s a grown woman.” Aday developed a reputation as something of a party girl, but Meat Loaf hopes she’ll settle down now that she’s engaged to guitarist Scott Ian of the metal band Anthrax. He’s already noticed some mellowing. “Now she’ll say: ‘I’m going to bed to rest my voice.’”