Road & Track
BMW, Lexus, and Mercedes-Benz should be very, very nervous. This “exceptionally quiet luxury car” comes in a basic V6 and a supersized, smoothly powerful V8. The Genesis does fall a little short in performance and could be a little “sportier,” but is nearly the equal of its German and Japanese competitors in luxury and style. Genesis ultimately may even be spun off as its own brand, as Infiniti was.

Car and Driver
Many Lexus imitators have failed, but the Genesis, with its considerable attention to detail, “makes a strong case” as a real contender. The price is “significantly lower” than for German or Japanese luxury cars. Suspension is “as sophisticated as they come.” Standard items include keyless entry, iPod and USB audio integration, and Bluetooth connectivity. The styling, however, is a little cautious.

Motor Trend
Built at a South Korean facility that is “the world’s largest auto factory,” the luxurious Genesis is “no 1960s American floatmobile.” It’s also no sport sedan. While the V6 tops out at 130, and the V8 “will do an autobahn-friendly 155,” the front tires “scrub into the pavement” at high speed. The rack-and-pinion steering also can feel a bit numb.