What happened
Actress Tatum O'Neal was arrested Sunday night on suspicion of buying crack and powder cocaine near her home in New York City. The Oscar-winner, who lost custody of her three children due to her heroin addiction, told the New York Post that her arrest "saved" her from doing what her "disease" was "telling" her to do. She blamed her backsliding on the recent death of her dog.

What the commentators said
How pathetic, said the Think Fashion blog. O'Neal couldn't even get her act together after losing custody of her kids because of her addiction. She even told police that she was researching a role as a junkie. She clearly has a serious problem. "Let’s hope she gets the help (and punishment) she deserves."

Kudos to O'Neal for "getting back in that spotlight," said the celebrity blog The Superficial. Her fifteen minutes will only last "until Britney Spears decides she hates underwear again"—and then O'Neal will have to go back to what she normally does: "crack."

"We are all struggling with our own demons," said Robert Paul Reyes in NewsBlaze, so "who are we to judge anyone else?" O'Neal's personal life is her business, and it shouldn't cast a shadow on our appreciation of her work on the silver screen. Let's just be grateful for her Oscar-winning performance in Paper Moon, and wish her "all the luck in the world in fighting her addiction to drugs."