The Democratic National Committee has banned fried foods, plastic plates, bottled water, and imported food at its convention in Denver in August. In an attempt to “go green” while feeding 50,000 delegates, guests, and journalists, the DNC has asked caterers to submit proposals for menus that utilize only local and organic foods and eschew any plates, cups, or bottles that are not fully recyclable or compostable. Colorado caterers say they’ll try to comply, but serving only local, organic food on washable plates may prove difficult. “The question is, How practical is it?” asked caterer Nick Agro. “There is going to be sticker shock when those bids start coming in.”

The city of Brighton, Mich., is threatening legal action against a local doctor over an unpaid tax bill of $0.51. Dr. Phil Kazanji says he probably left the cents off a tax check he sent to the city, but says it’s absurd that he’s now bombarded with registered-mail warnings saying, “FINAL NOTICE,” each one of which costs the city $5.21. City finance director Dave Gajda said the city has no choice but to pursue any unpaid tax. “No matter how small,” he said, “we can’t ignore it or waive it.”