Don’t overdry. When using an automatic setting on the dryer, “set the control to the midpoint and raise or lower it as needed.” The “More Dry setting” can lead to overdrying and wastes energy. The “Less Dry setting” may leave clothes slightly damp, but they’ll “fully dry as you sort and put them away.”

Band together similar types of clothes. Denim, pants, and sweats take longer than lightweight slips, tees, and underwear. If you mix them up, you risk “‘overcooking’ your delicate items.”

Make room for an entire load to “tumble around and get dry.” Throwing too much in at one time “can extend drying time and promote wrinkling.” In the dryer, only “fill the drum halfway.”

Move quickly. As soon as you hear the buzzer signaling a completed cycle, remove the clothes immediately to fold or hang. The longer they stay jumbled, “the more gravity can press wrinkles in and take the fluff out.”

Source: Shop Smart