GOOD DAY FOR: Second marriages, after Chrysler and Japan’s Nissan announced a deal in which Nissan will make a fuel-efficient compact for Chrysler and Chrysler will make full-size pickups for Nissan. Analysts said the deal could signal closer ties ahead. “That potential marriage, if they are indeed dating, makes a lot more sense than Daimler and Chrysler did,” says Argus Research analyst Kevin Tynan. (USA Today)

BAD DAY FOR: Outsourcing, as the IRS will probably lose more than $37 million by hiring private debt collectors to go after $1 billion in unpaid taxes. For fiscal 2006, the three private companies hired by the IRS collected only $49 million, half the cost the IRS bore to set up the program. Defenders of the program say the taxes would otherwise go uncollected. (The Washington Post, free registration)