What happened
Gossip columns exploded with speculation that Hollywood couple Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were expecting twins after Jolie, looking unusually curvy, wore a billowing gown to Sunday’s Screen Actors Guild awards ceremony. Jolie is rumored to be expecting twins. The couple already have three adopted children—Maddox, 6, Zahara, 3, Pax Thien, 4—and their natural daughter, Shiloh, 1, and have said they want another child. (Hellomagazine.com via Yahoo! News)

What the commentators said
“Girlfriend is not even trying to squelch those pregnancy rumors,” said the Perez Hilton gossip blog. That dress was a “tent,” with “enough fabric for five anorexic starlets.” That settles it: “She’s sooooo pregnant. With twins!”

A loose-fitting, flowing dress like that certainly “wasn’t the best wardrobe choice if the actress wanted to silence the rumors,” said So Hood Magazine. But the tied-dyed outfit wasn’t the only evidence of bliss in the Jolie-Pitt household—they couldn’t keep their eyes, or hands, off each other. Jolie’s representative last week said reports of the pregnancy—published in X17 and Star magazines—were wrong, and “pathetic.” But Pitt and Jolie seem to be telling a different story.

The dress concealed Jolie’s shape “comprehensively,” said a SawfNews blog, so there’s really no way to be sure that Jolie is pregnant. She was either hiding the truth from the press, or simply “baiting” the inquiring minds already speculating madly that she’s in a family way.

One thing’s for sure, said Cher Tippetts in Entertainmentwise.com. Jolie is “looking less skeletal” than she has in recent months. And at the Critics Choice Awards earlier this month, she reportedly stuck to water while Pitt drank beer. The evidence is sure piling up.