GOOD DAY FOR: Artist unity, as movie studio United Artists, owned by Tom Cruise and a partner, reached a separate peace with the striking Writers Guild of America. The deal will let WGA writers work on United Artists projects, even as the strike continues against other studios. Such side deals could erode the major studios’ united front, said UCLA’s Daniel Mitchell. “It’s the same kind of problem as, let’s say, OPEC,” he said. (AP in Yahoo! Finance)
BAD DAY FOR: Red-carpet watchers, after NBC pulled the plug on next weekend’s Golden Globe awards ceremony due to the writers’ strike. The writers had pledged to picket the event, and the Screen Actors Guild advised its members to make other weekend plans, so NBC decided to just air a news conference to announce the winners. “Is there going to be a red carpet,” said Shari Anne Brill of ad-buying firm Carat, “or will it just be an area rug?” (Los Angeles Times, free registration required)