What happened
French producer Philippe Rebboah wants Britney Spears to play the Virgin Mary in his film Sweet Baby Jesus, a satirical take on the nativity story. “Spears, 26, would play a pregnant 19-year-old unsure of her baby’s paternity who goes into labor on Christmas Eve in Bethlehem, Md., as rumors swirl that the birth is Jesus Christ’s second coming,” Rebboah told Us Weekly.

What the commentators said
“Sweet Baby Jesus” is a good title for this project, said Leigh Purves, Amy Watts, and Charli Morgan in the Daily Star’s blog The Goss. That’s “exactly what we exclaimed when we heard about” this “bizarre” movie. Is there a “Bible chapter” that “describes the Virgin Mary flashing her holy areas while climbing off her donkey, or attacking the Wise Men with an umbrella”?

Everybody knows that Britney “is more than a little bizarre,” said Hollie McKay in FoxNews.com. But is it just me, or is there “something not so ‘sweet’ about having a ‘Crazy’ crooner take on the religious role? Does anyone else smell a publicity stunt?”

Who knows what this is all about, said the British blog Holy Moly. “It’s either a rare display of irony from an American or Spears has mulled over the parallels in her life” with that of the Virgin Mary: “Banned from hotels, dubious conception activity, hounded by men wanting to get the exclusive on her child.” But still, “we love the idea of this alternative nativity story.” We’re dying to know, though: “Would Justin Timberlake play Joseph?”

I can’t wait for this “gem of a movie to come to fruition,” said the blog OsoYou.com. Who wouldn’t want to see “the Nativity play complete with pink wigs and mini skirts?” This is going to be a classic—“I think I’ve found my new Christmas movie!”