Former Baywatch star Pamela Anderson married Rick Salomon on Saturday in Las Vegas in a union that joined two reliable sources of scandal. Salomon, ex-husband of Shannen Doherty, is best known for co-starring with Paris Hilton in the infamous sex tape One Night in Paris. Anderson starred in her own sex tape—with rocker and then-husband Tommy Lee—and also spent three months married to another rocker, Kid Rock.

Stay tuned for the Anderson-Salomon sex tape, said Stuart Heritage in “We’re almost certain you’ll be able to see the honeymoon in graphically nightmarish detail on the Internet soon enough.” And we should really be happy for them: Rumor has it that the newlyweds are already “searching for the most sumptuous marital home that they can buy” with all that money they earned consummating other romances.

You’ve really got to wonder why Anderson did this, said Charlotte Rose in “Is this for publicity, Pam?” It would make sense. After all, when Salomon released his “infamous” tape, it “made Paris so . . . hot.” Or maybe Anderson is really interested in cinema and just “looking for a new producer for a new line of videos.”

Or maybe it’s something else entirely, said “Pam’s pals disapprove of her latest selection in the lover department” because “apparently he’s been a bad influence on her.” Rumor has it that Anderson and Salomon have been partying a lot, which isn’t good given the fact that Anderson has hepatitis C and isn’t supposed to be drinking. It’s not uncommon for a man to have a midlife crisis, so “could there possibly be a female version that’s affecting the Baywatch babe?”