Try half-bottles as an alternative to wine by the glass. In a restaurant, the price of a glass of wine is often the same as its wholesale price by the bottle.

Think twice about Champagne or other sparkling wines when dining out. Sold at around five times wholesale, “it’s the most overpriced category on any already-inflated list.”

If you love reds, look for ones from underrated regions such as Madiran in France, Campania in Italy, and Mendoza in Argentina.

If you love whites, try bottles from such lesser-known regions as the Loire and Gascogne in France, Rueda and Galicia in Spain, and Le Marche in Italy.

Bring your own. Call ahead to find out the rules at your favorite place. Corkage fees can range from $15 to $45, and some restaurants won’t allow you to bring your own bottles.

Source: Food + Wine

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