1. Classic Ford Bronco ($125,000)

Maybe the only SUV that can make a statement in 2016 is a six-figure vintage SUV. A 1960s Bronco overhauled by Ohio refurbisher Bryan Rood looks like an original but is far safer and more dependable to drive. Buy it at ClassicFordBroncos.com.

2. Antique Gown Holder ($9,800)

A treasure found among the possessions of King Farouk of Egypt, this 19th-century gown holder is made of gold and embellished with diamonds. It’s designed to dangle from a ring finger, and its diamond band can be detached to be worn separately. Buy it at Eleuteri.

3. Judith Leiber Balloon Clutch ($4,995)

Judith Leiber has specialized in conversation-starting clutches since Mamie Eisenhower was a client. The fashion house’s new balloon bag is encrusted with crystals and lined with lambskin. Buy it at Nieman Marcus.

4. An oyster subscription ($1,000 for 12 months)

Any bivalve fanatic would appreciate a mail-order box of 50 oysters delivered fresh from Duxbury, Massachusetts. A one-year subscription to Island Creek Oyster’s oyster-of-the-month club multiplies both the cost and the pleasure. Buy it at Island Creek Oysters.

5. Aldous Bertram Dollhouse (from $9,500)

Palm Beach decorator Aldous Bertram custom builds and furnishes dollhouses that are sold at Harrod’s in London. The Georgian-style mansion shown here is filled with detailed miniatures, including antique framed prints. Buy it at Aldous Bertram.

6. Brackish Feather Bow Tie ($195)

What better way to peacock around town than with a bow tie handmade with dozens of peacock or pheasant plumes? Each tie comes in a wooden box. Buy it at Brackish.

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