By the bottom of the eighth inning, it looked like the Detroit Tigers had the second game of the American League Championship Series cinched. When Boston Red Sox slugger David Ortiz stepped up to the plate at Fenway, the score was 5 to 1, Tigers. The bases were loaded and the pressure, for Ortiz, who had never hit a home run against Joaquin Benoit, was on.

Ortiz swung at a fastball and clocked it out to right field, where it narrowly missed Torii Hunter's glove. The Tigers outfielder sprinted at full speed to stop the inevitable, but found himself only tumbling head first into the Red Sox bullpen. With orange cleats high in the air, his V-shaped legs almost perfectly match the celebratory arms of the hometown crowd and the local policeman, who, at least for the moment, appears unfazed by Hunter's spectacular fall (he was, physically, fine).

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