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The Taliban has reportedly slashed telecommunication services in resistance stronghold

The Taliban has cut off telecommunications services in Afghanistan's Panjshir province, which is home to the budding resistance movement led by Ahmad Massoud, Tolo News reports.

If the report is accurate, it's not clear whether this signals a future offensive against Panjshir. But The Wall Street Journal reported Sunday that talks between the two sides aren't going well at the moment, so the threat of a military attack appears to be real.

Massoud and other political leaders who have come to Panjshir are willing to negotiate with the Taliban and hope to avoid a conflict, but Ali Nazry, the rebels' head of foreign affairs, told the Journal the Taliban is "unwilling to make any concessions" while the resistance remains committed to only accepting a deal that lays the groundwork for a truly inclusive government. Read more at The Wall Street Journal.