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CIA reportedly warned military about civilian presence just seconds before missile hit in Kabul

The CIA urgently warned the U.S. military that Afghan civilians, including children, were likely in the immediate vicinity of the intended target of a deadly missile strike late last month in Kabul, CNN reports, citing three sources familiar with the situation. The message didn't arrive in time.

The military believed a vehicle contained explosives and posed an imminent threat to Kabul's Hamid Karzai International Airport during the chaotic evacuation process after the Taliban took control of the Afghan capital. But Central Command admitted Friday that its information was incorrect — there were no explosives in the car, and the driver did not have connections to the Islamic State's Afghanistan affiliate, known as ISIS-K. It's unclear if the CIA was aware of the faulty intelligence, or if the agency had only picked up on the civilian presence.

Either way, by the time the CIA issued warning, the missile was just seconds away from hitting the car, CNN reports. It killed 10 people, including seven children. Read more at CNN.