Smartphone collisions
Fifty-three percent of all adult mobile-phone owners have been on either the giving or receiving end of a “distracted walking encounter”—getting banged into because someone was peering at their smartphone.

The arrest statistics of young men
By age 23, 49 percent of black men in the U.S. have been arrested, “which can hurt their ability to find work, go to school, and participate fully in their communities,” a new study in the journal Crime & Delinquency found. By age 23, 44 percent of Hispanic males and 38 percent of white males have been arrested.

The 300 richest people in the world
The combined net worth of the 300 richest people in the world climbed $524 billion in 2013, according to an analysis of the new Bloomberg Billionaires Index. Those 300 people now have a combined total of $3.7 trillion in wealth, which is more than the gross domestic product of every nation in the world except the U.S. and China.

Marine Corps delays pull-up requirement
The Marine Corps has delayed its requirement that female recruits do three pull-ups after finding that only 45 percent of the women in boot camp could fulfill it.
Associated Press

New York City's low murder rate
A total of 334 people were murdered in New York City last year, only 29 of them by strangers. That’s down from more than 2,245 murders in 1990, and the lowest number of murders in the city on record.
New York Post