Wednesday night's Daily Show was apparently brought to us by the New York City Pizza Council, if such an organization exists. Jon Stewart and his special guests spent about half the show talking about the miraculous wonders of New York pizza, and how Chicago's deep-dish alternative is "edible, it's just not magic."

If you have strong opinions about pizza — or are a big fan of Matthew Broderick, Steve Buscemi, and/or Michael Strahan — by all means watch the clip above. If you think this whole pizza war Stewart has sparked between Chicago and New York is silly, watch below as he forges a truce with Marc Malnati, the head of Chicago pizza institution Lou Malnati's — and then declares war on California pizza. Wolfgang Puck, you've been warned:

After all the pizza banter, though, Stewart made time to comment on the arrest of Florida Rep. Trey Radel (R) for buying cocaine from an undercover cop in Washington, D.C.'s, Dupont Circle. Thanks to Rob Ford — Toronto's crack-smoking mayor — "Toronto, Canada, is now the go-to shorthand reference for cocaine stories," Stewart said, but Radel has reminded everyone that Canada doesn't have a monopoly on politicians busted with the coke.

Radel owned up to his problem and is seeking help — announcing after The Daily Show taped that he is taking a leave of absence from Congress — but Stewart found other questionable things in Tea Party congressman's record. There's some hypocrisy, Stewart said, but mostly a gross misunderstanding of rap. Watch: