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The Capitol went into lockdown Thursday afternoon following reported gunshots in the area.

According to NBC and ABC, the incident started when a female suspect drove her car into a White House checkpoint. Police gave chase as the driver headed toward the Capitol, ultimately trapping the vehicle and engaging with the driver.

Capitol Police fired multiple shots at a black sedan, according to Politico. Two people were removed from the vehicle, witnesses told Politico, one of whom appeared to have been shot. Multiple sources reported that the second person in the car was a child, though Capitol Police would not immediately confirm that.

The female suspect was killed in the incident, according to Reuters. However, the Associated Press reported the suspect was in custody, her condition unknown. Capitol Police would not confirm the status of the suspect.

At least one police officer was injured , according to Capitol Police. At some point during the chase, the suspect's vehicle is believed to have struck the officer, police said. No officers were believed to have been shot in the incident.

Authorities have yet to confirm why the suspect tried to breach the White House perimeter. However, they said it is believed to be an isolated, non-terrorism related incident.

President Obama has been briefed on the situation. The White House was placed on a precautionary partial lockdown, which has since been lifted.

The Capitol lockdown has also been lifted, but some specific details of the shooting remain unclear.

Journalists in the area described a chaotic scene unfolding as police raced to contain the situation.