Party-lover prefers jail to booze ban
A party-loving Australian has pleaded with a judge to be sent to jail rather than continue to be banned from drinking alcohol. Milo Wild, 22, was originally sentenced to three months in jail following a drunken rampage, but a judge suspended the jail term on the condition that Wild refrain from all drinking for two years. Seven months into the alcohol ban, Wild asked magistrate John O’Neill to let him serve the prison term, saying that he found it unbearable to stay at home while his friends caroused at bars. O’Neill called Wild’s request “extraordinary,” adding, “There is nothing to do in Darwin for a strong, healthy young man except to drink?”

Who is getting on Jennifer Lopez's case? Mom
Jennifer Lopez was read the riot act by her deeply religious mother after the pop singer gave a lewd performance on British TV, said the National Enquirer. Lopez’s mother, Guadalupe, is a strict Catholic and “was embarrassed when she saw Jen, dressed like a dominatrix in a skimpy leather outfit and thigh-high boots, shaking her booty for the cameras,” said a source. During a fiery confrontation, Guadalupe berated her 43-year-old daughter for acting like an “oversexed teenager.”

French mother takes daughter's exam
A 52-year-old French mother has been charged with dressing up as her 19-year-old daughter and taking a high school exam in her place. The woman, known only as Caroline D., allegedly wore Converse sneakers, low-rise jeans, and lots of makeup to pose as a teenager while taking the test. But a supervisor spotted the disguise and called police. The mom explained that she knew the subject better than her daughter did.