A bank employee's nightmare
An Austrian bank employee took bags of cash worth about $117,000 out of his trunk while changing a flat tire, only to see the bags roll down a steep hill and into the river. The bank employee was transporting the 90,000 euros between branches when he stopped to fix the flat and tried to lighten the car by removing bags of cash. He watched in horror as the bags began tumbling into the river below. Police recovered 3,000 euros from the water, but the rest went missing, and the employee was fired.

Demi Moore hires a New Age guru
Demi Moore has hired a New Age guru to provide spiritual support through her bitter divorce battle with Ashton Kutcher, said the New York Post. Mexico-based astrologer Paddi Moore has been using ancient Indian techniques to map out Demi’s post-divorce future and “cleanse her karma of all the nastiness of the past,” said a source. The insider added that the actress—who is reportedly seeking an eight-figure sum from Kutcher—has found the sessions “life-changing and they’re helping her keep her demons in check.”

Misled by a bucket list
Two Florida women ended up in a jail thanks to a “bucket list” that included stealing from a store. Police said that Andrea Mobley, 36, and Jennifer Denise Morrow, 38, were arrested after they tried to leave a Walmart with several unpaid items—including beef jerky and a bathing suit. Morrow told cops the mini crime spree was part of a “bucket list” of activities they wanted to complete before they died. “We were two stupid women doing something we never did before,” said Mobley.