Coffee is wonderful. Really, it's the fuel that powers much of America. And better yet, most cups of coffee are reasonably priced — just $1 from a Manhattan coffee cart, and perhaps $2 to $5 if you get a fancy drink from some high-end java joint. But the saucy customer in the video above decided to go absolutely bananas by ordering a Starbucks beverage that cost $47.30.

What, pray tell, does $47.30 worth of Starbucks add-ons get you? Try 48 espresso shots, a scoop of protein powder, soy milk, and enough strawberry/vanilla bean/caramel high-fructose corn syrup to feed a small stable of ponies. Safe to say this "Quadriginoctuple Frap" isn't for the faint of heart. Or anyone, really. (Via The Billfold)