When the incredibly fit, world-class athletes on the Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers face off in Super Bowl XLVII on Sunday, tens of millions of Americans will be busy stuffing their faces with a rather disgusting amount of food. How much food? Some 30 million pounds of snacks, for starters. Still hungry? Read on:

Estimated calories the average viewer will consume on Sunday

11.2 million
Estimated pounds of potato chips Americans will consume during the Super Bowl

8.2 million 
Pounds of tortilla chips

4.3 million 
Pounds of pretzels

3.8 million 
Pounds of popcorn

2.5 million
Pounds of nuts

50 million
Cases of beer that Super Bowl viewers will drink

Percent of that beer that will be Bud Light, Bud, Coors Light, Miller Light, or Natural Light

1.23 billion
Chicken wings that will be consumed

27 million
Slices of pizza expected to be consumed from just Pizza Hut and Dominos

79 million
Pounds of avocados

20 percent
Increase in antacid sales the Monday after the Super Bowl

1.5 million
People who typically call in sick the Monday after the Super Bowl, many of them surely from food-and-drink hangovers 

Football fields you'd have to run to burn off the calories of just two handfuls of potato chips

Times the Super Bowl crowd would have to do the wave to each burn off six buffalo wings dipped in ranch

American event that actually surpasses the Super Bowl in terms of food consumption — Thanksgiving.

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