1. Obama's letter to a little girl with two dads
The president doesn't take thanking his supporters lightly, and this case is no different. In a letter that quickly spread over the internet, President Obama wrote back to one Sophia Bailey Klugh — a 10-year-old who had written the White House to thank Obama for supporting her two dads. Wrote Obama: "You and I are blessed to live in a country where we are born equal no matter what we look like on the inside, where we grow up, or who our parents are." (Via Gawker)

2. White people mourning Mitt Romney
Some people took GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney's loss on Tuesday harder than others. This opportunistic Tumblr compiles the most heartbroken, furious, and disillusioned responses to the Obama victory from Facebook, Twitter, and news headlines. Sample tweet from Victoria Jackson: "Thanks a lot, Christians, for not showing up. You disgust me." (Via Tumblr)

3. Claire McCaskill's stylish daughters
When Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) delivered her acceptance speech for the Missouri Senate seat after defeating Todd Akin, onlookers were riveted by the sartorial choices of her daughters, Lily and Maddie, who were hovering in the background. Particularly provocative: A color-blocked top with one blue sleeve. Fast Co. contributor Zak Stone tweeted that there were "some real Chloe Sevigny vibes" happening onstage, and the daughters became a fixation of the fashion blogs

4. "It's Thanksgiving"
Things weren't quite the same once one-hit-wonder Rebecca Black ("Friday") left the national spotlight. The newest valiant attempt to fill Ms. Black's shoes comes from newcomer Nicole Westbrook, with this generously auto-tuned ode to the most gluttonous of holidays. The viral video's highlights include a turkey hat and an infectious rap breakdown.

5. Watch the Throne
There was no shortage of Barack Obama victory gifs celebrating his re-election. Here, the president and veep Joe Biden are given the BFFs 4ever treatment, a la Jay-Z and Kanye West. (Via Tumblr)

6. Terminated
Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan's bid for the White House came to an end Tuesday night, inspiring one Terminator 2: Judgment Day fan to adapt the Arnold Schwarzenegger film's climactic scene into this mock-solemn gif. (Via Imgur)

7. Drunk Nate Silver
The New York Times stats geek scored a major victory on election night by correctly predicting how all 50 states would vote and coming within a hair of calling the popular vote. After the results were in, the power prognosticator informed his readers that he was "going to get some sleep and grab a beer," prompting Twitter wags to imagine scenarios in which Silver is compelled to issue predictions even when drunk. (See more here.) Sample tweets: