Overseas, Pizza Hut has become famous for putting a lot of rather odd things on its pies. So perhaps it should be no surprise that Pizza Hut Malaysia is offering a "squirting crust" pizza that oozes a "burst of garlic Napoli sauce and cheese" after every bite. Even more bizarre than the messy pie is the ad promoting it, which chronicles every girl's dream: Getting engaged at the local Pizza Hut after biting into a gushing piece of experimental pizza. Take a look at this and other strange Pizza Hut pies— and their even stranger advertisements — from around the globe:

 1. Super Pan Pizza (Pizza Hut Malaysia)
"Great endings happen with the new Super Pan Pizza," announces the ad's narrator after a young woman takes a delicate bite of this gooey squirting crust pizza — only to be greeted by a marriage proposal from her ring-toting beau.

2. Cheeseburger Crown Crust Pizza (Pizza Hut Middle East)
In this ad, a prankster customer tries to tickle his pals and befuddle a Pizza Hut waiter by ordering a cheeseburger. But he's shocked and delighted to discover that his wish is Pizza Hut's command, thanks to the new Cheeseburger Crown Crust Pizza, which features a ring of tiny cheeseburgers as the pizza's crust.

3. Chicken Filet Crown Crust Pizza (Pizza Hut Middle East)
Undaunted, the same prankster orders a chicken filet, but he's foiled again. The waiter reveals the Chicken Filet Crown Crust Pizza, a "royal masterpiece" ringed with miniature chicken filet sandwiches and "laced with barbecue sauce."

4. Golden Fortune Cheesy Crown Pizza (Pizza Hut Malaysia)
In this surprisingly touching ad, a young woman struggles to find an easy relationship with her Malaysian mother-in-law. "We didn't used to get along," the woman says. "She felt that I didn't understand her culture. That was, till I brought her to Pizza Hut." There, the young woman wins over her reticent mother-in-law with the Golden Fortune Cheesy Crown Pizza, which sports "prawns, fish, pineapple, and crowns of cheesy liquid gold" — toppings that happen to be "very auspicious for the new year."

5. Mexican Fiesta Pan Pizza (Pizza Hut Malaysia)
In this rather glib and politically incorrect ad, Pizza Hut Malaysia rolls through several predictable stereotypes, including sombreros, siestas, and a Mariachi band, to introduce the Mexican Fiesta Pan Pizza, which features corn, kidney beans, grilled chicken, and chips on a Pizza Hut pie.

6. Shrimp Roll Pizza (Pizza Hut Korea)
Whole shrimp are baked into the crust of this unconventional pie from Pizza Hut Korea... though it's unclear how that relates to the giant whale that suddenly capsizes an unlucky fisherman in the advertisement below.