Turning your bum into a billboard
A Japanese site offers free underwear plastered with advertisements. [Tecca]

The thirsty masses
The Obama administration promises that if 25,000 people sign a petition, it will release the recipe for its official White House Honey Ale. [Eater]

Getting stitched up
New suture technology used in "smart" stitches can tell if your wound is getting infected, and can even heat up in order to promote healing.  [Gizmodo]


Penny pinching
A Norwegian art gallery attempts to save on postage by having an $8,600 Rembrandt etching sent through the regular mail rather than a courier. It ends up getting lost in the mail. [Newser]

T-shirt opinions
A man wearing a T-shirt making fun of the TSA is forced to undergo extra airport security checks — and is ultimately booted from his flight. [Death & Taxes]

Raiding the pantry
A farmer desperate for things to feed his hungry cows during the summer's record-setting drought resorts to offering them candy. [Geekosystem]

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