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Last week's question: After landing on Mars, the Curiosity rover is looking for signs of life. Assuming it finds some, we asked you to come up with  a headline for the discovery, as you'd expect to see it in a specific publication or other news source of your choice.



THE WINNER: Obama's Birthplace Discovered (Fox News)
Peter Bowen, Marblehead, MA

SECOND PLACE: Obama Administration Discovers Life on Mars! (MSNBC)
Les Meyer, Weaverville, NC

THIRD PLACE: Life Confirmed on Mars, Brangelina Vow to Adopt It (People) 
Bruce Meyer, Carlsbad, CA  


Told Ya So! (National Enquirer)
Paul Binder, Bellevue, WA 

Obama Tells Martians: "You Didn't Build That" (The Wall Street Journal)
Russell Frank, Gorham, ME

Curiosity Finds Life. Reelect Obama. (The New York Times)
John Barczyk, Rochester, Michigan  

Life Found on Mars — 20 Ways to Turn It on In Bed! (Cosmopolitan)
Alan Parven, Commerce Twp.,MI 

Life Found on Mars — And Somehow They've Never Heard of Jennifer Anniston! (US Magazine)
Jim Lancaster, Atlanta, GA

Curiosity Locates Source of UFOs (Roswell Daily Record)
George Adler, Franklin NC 

Ray Walston Found Alive and Well and Hoping for Comeback! (TV Guide)
Ted Epstein, Naples, FL

Little Green Arches Endanger Martian Diet (Prevention)
Connie Scofield, Glens Falls, NY 

Mars Life Forms Tasty with Balsamic Shallot Sauce (Gourmet)
Mort Oakes, Dover, PA  

The Rover Rolls Over in the Clover (Variety)
J.L. Bradt, Clayton, CA

It Really Isn't All About You (Psychology Today)
Carol Buse, Santa Clara, CA 

Curiosity Rover Finds Sign "Kilroy Was Here" (Stars & Stripes)
Burt Klein, Metairie, LA

Life Discovered on Mars — E.T. Denies He's the Father (The Star)
Marty Eull, Bloomington, MN

Living Things on Lifeless Planet (NY Post)
John Pluhowski, Nyack, NY

Headless Body on Top of Mars (NY Post) 
Andy Litsky, Washington, DC 

Obamacare Coming to Mars? (Fox News)
Adam Turteltaub, Encino, CA

Will Voter Registration on the Red Planet Give Romney the Edge? (The Week)
Michiele Shaw, Silverdale, WA

Mars Has Life.  How Will It Impact The Kardashians? (People Magazine) 
Daniel Welch, Lombard, IL

Obama to NASA: "You Didn't Discover That" (Fox News)
Mark Remy, Allentown, PA

No Life Found on Mars: Bush's Fault! (The Huffington Post)
John C. Lefton, Medford NJ 

Microbe of the Year (Time Magazine)
John Barnfather, Davisburg, MI

So-Called "Martians" Lack Photo ID (Drudge)
Peter McHale, North Bellmore, NY

Red Rover, Red Rover, Send NASA Right Over! (Weekly Reader) 
Hope Armstrong, Pierre, SD

Last Oklahoma Democrat Discovered Hiding on Mars (The Daily Oklahoman) 
Jerry W. Snow, Norman, OK 

Rover Finds Life on Mars!  Who's a Good Boy? (Dog Fancy Magazine) 
Charles & Mary Parry, Catonsville, MD 

Playmates of Mars, Discovered and UNcovered! (Playboy)
Roman G. Jarosh, Queensbury, NY

Men Are From Mars, Curiosity Confirms (Ms. Magazine) 
Steve Adams, Annapolis MD

ObamaCare for Martians to Bankrupt Nation (Weekly Standard) 
Jordan Shin, Eugene, OR 

Coast is Clear! No Yankees Fans Here (Boston Globe) 
Alexandra Schexnayder, Albuquerque, NM

Dennis Rodman DNA Found on Mars! (Sports Illustrated)
Marc Gaudette, Honeoye Falls, NY  

Mars - Oy Vey! (The Jewish Press)
Steve Berliner, Milwaukie, OR 

Though Not Sublunary, This Life has a Certain Sanguine Ebullience (The Economist) 
Joanne Clas, Fairport, NY

Desperate to Expand base, Democrats Reach to Mars (Fox News) 
David C. Neal, Fanwood, NJ

Zionist Regime Fails to Crush Life On Mars (Tehran Times)
Amos Alter, Esq., New York, NY

Democrats Stage Curiosity Landing in NV Desert (Fox News)
Fred Keach, Concord, NH

How The Democrats Lost the Red Planet (The American Prospect Magazine) 
Stan Horowitz, Los Angeles, CA