Iconic characters from Pixar films like Toy Story, Finding Nemo, and Up are perhaps best known for their wry senses of humor and lovable whimsy, but their incredibly detailed execution may actually be their most impressive quality. The Wall Street Journal reports that fiery-haired Scottish princess Merida, the star of Pixar's Brave, which hits theaters Friday, boasts a mane comprising 1,500 individually animated curls. Here, a numerical look at how that bit of trivia stacks up to the minutiae of other Pixar films:

Individual animated hairs on the Lots-o-Huggin Bear from Toy Story 3, according to First Showing

Individually animated hairs on Sully in Monsters, Inc. (voiced by John Goodman). Consequently, it took 11 to 12 hours to animate a single frame featuring Sully, according to Digititles.

Types of food created for Ratatouille, the film about a rat-turned-gourmet-chef, according to Slash Film

Individual hairs rendered on Ratatouille's rodent hero, Remy

Individual hairs rendered on Ratatouille's female human lead, Colette.

Individual hairs that the average real-life person has

Balloons used to elevate Carl's house in Up. (The film's supervising technical director estimates that 26.5 million balloons would be required to lift a house in real life.) 

Turtles in Finding Nemo's turtle dive sequence

Gunshots in the superhero film The Incredibles, according to IMDB

Explosions featured in that film 

Unique car characters separately animated for the Piston Cup showdown scene at the end of Cars

Different sounds recorded for WALL-E, twice the average of a Star Wars movie 

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