Just three years after being charged with domestic abuse for assaulting then-girlfriend Rihanna on the way to the Grammy Awards, Chris Brown returned to the event's stage Sunday night with (an unusual) two performances and a win for Best R&B Album. Critics weren't happy, blasting the producers for showcasing the controversial singer so lavishly, particularly when the late Whitney Houston received only a brief tribute. Even artists in attendance, like country star Miranda Lambert, condemned the Grammys for so quickly forgiving Brown's past transgressions. On Tuesday night, Brown responded with a Twitter tantrum: "HATE ALL YOU WANT BECUZ I GOT A GRAMMY Now! That's the ultimate FUCK OFF!" Given Brown's ongoing struggles to win back the public, will this "offensive tweet" set him back?

It just adds fuel to the fire: "It's understandably frustrating that people won't let [Chris Brown] move on," says The Hollywood Gossip. The post-Grammy backlash against him was especially confounding since he "did nothing at all controversial during the show." Still, Brown's outburst is no way to win over "haters." He's merely reconfirming his reputation as "a temperamental hothead who shows no remorse or respect."
"Chris Brown to haters: F--k off!"

And proves he doesn't deserve a second chance: Brown apparently can't grasp why so many people are unwilling to forget about his crime, says Andy Neuenschwander at Yidio. He's under the delusion that just because he completed his court-ordered community service and counseling — and won a shiny award — we should all "forget it ever happened." Sorry: Until Brown "stops trying to make himself the victim, he will be deserving of no one's trust."
"Chris Brown thinks his Grammy means we should all 'F--k off'"

It's just a cry for attention: Brown's Grammy win proves that the industry is "willing to let Brown off the hook," says Kyle Anderson at Entertainment Weekly, and has, indeed, given him the second chance he's campaigned for (pointing out that other disgraced artists, like R. Kelly, were allowed to try again). Most fans have forgiven him, too. But a "paranoid" Brown still "appears to feel persecuted at all times." Sadly, with this tweet, it "seems like he's just trolling for reactions."
"Chris Brown's post-Grammys media maelstrom: What does it say about us?"