Quitting your day job
The late music mogul Alan Meltzer leaves $1 million of his $10 million estate to his chauffeur. His doorman gets $500,000. [Newser]

Going solo
Jack White, formerly of The White Stripes, announces he will release his first solo album in April. [The Daily What]

Women tired of taking the pill
Researchers find that blasting male reproductive organs with ultrasound halts sperm production, hinting at the potential for a cheap, effective form of male birth control. [Boing Boing]


Family loyalty
Fifteen percent of participants in a new survey say they would miss the birth of their child to watch their team play in the Super Bowl. [UPI]

Mark Zuckerberg
A poll of 4,000 Facebook users finds that 83 percent have a negative reaction to the social network's much-touted new Timeline profile format. [TIME]

Old habits
A study shows that upon returning to the U.S., many soldiers have a hard time re-adapting to driving outside of conflict zones, and may revert to dangerous driving behavior. [ThinkProgress]

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