Call it sushi philanthropy: At 2012's inaugural tuna auction in Tokyo's famed Tsukiji market, Japanese sushi magnate Kiyoshi Kimura paid an "eye-popping" $736,000 for a giant bluefish tuna — then sold it to his disaster-ravaged compatriots at a steep loss. "It is not just about the money," said Hiroshi Umehara, a spokesman for Kimura's Sushi-Zanmai restaurant chain. "It is also about the Japanese spirit." After a year of earthquakes, tsunamis, nuclear meltdowns, and economic contraction, "Japan needs to hang in there," Kimura added. Here's a look at this very expensive, patriotic "boost of umami morale," by the numbers:

Record-breaking price paid for the Japanese-caught bluefin (56.49 million yen)

The mammoth fish's weight, in pounds

Price per pound, also a Tsukiji record

Previous record price for a tuna, sold to a Hong Kong restaurateur at Tsukiji's first auction of 2011

Average price of tuna sold during Tsukiji's first-of-the-year auctions, over 15 years

Number of pieces into which Kimura's $736,000 tuna was cut for sushi

Price each choice piece of fatty "o-toro" bluefin sushi can typically fetch in Tokyo

Price at which Kimuru would have to sell each piece of bluefin sushi to break even

Price at which his restaurant chain Sushi-Zanmai sold each piece

Kimura's estimated financial loss from the bluefin

Percentage of the world's bluefin that Japan consumes

Per capita amount of fish the Japanese eat each year, in pounds

Global average per capita amount of fish consumed each year, in pounds

Number of visitors who trek to the vast Tsukiji market at 4 a.m. each day to watch the tuna auction

Number of football fields that could fit inside Tsukiji

Sources: AFP, Bloomberg, MSNBC, TIME