Well, someone has pay for those sharp suits and top-shelf martinis. According to reports, the next James Bond film, codenamed Bond 23 at this point, will feature a whopping $45 million in product placement. That will cover a huge chunk of the film's total production budget, playing an integral part in getting it made. Here, a brief guide, by the numbers, to Bond's big sellout:

$45 million
Amount of money that will be raised by product placement to finance the production of Bond 23, setting a new record. The film's distributor, Sony, is reportedly in talks with a number of potential brand "ambassadors" to round up possible sponsors, including a Chinese tech firm.

Share of the film's budget covered by product placement

$20 million
Amount of product placement in Minority Report (2002), the film that held the previous record for product placement. Major products that starred in the film included Lexus, Bulgari, and American Express.

Nearly $100 million
Approximate value of the marketing push provided by promotional partners to the last Bond film, Quantum of Solace (2008). They included Ford Motor Co., Heineken, Bollinger, Smirnoff, Omega, Virgin Atlantic, Sony Ericsson, and Sony Electronics.

Cost of the Omega Seamaster, a watch that Bond actor Daniel Craig plugs in ads. Omega was featured prominently in the James Bond film Casino Royale (2006). There was "a semi-awkward scene where Bond discussed his Omega brand watch with the love interest," says Wyndham Wyeth at Paste Magazine.

$210 million
Amount Volkswagen and Porsche, which are sister companies, paid annually for product placement until the recession

Number of the top 30 films in 2010 that featured Apple products, placing the tech giant at the top of product placement charts for the year

Number of "notable brands" featured in last weekend's box office smash, Fast Five

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