The video: Food lovers are salivating over the launch of Foodily — a recipe and ingredient search engine. (Watch a demo video, below.) When a user searches for a dish, the site draws on quality web sources — from The Food Network to Epicurious — to serve up the most popular recipes. As well, cooks with particular ingredients in their pantries can search Foodily to find corresponding recipes. The site exploits Facebook to let users share favorite dishes (or reveal which dishes their Facebook friends "like") and organize dinner parties.
The reaction: It's hard to imagine this site failing, says Samantha Rollins at Time. "Super search capabilities aside," its "deep Facebook integration" is a great idea. "After all, eating, like Facebook, is quite a social experience." My only "gripe" says Anna Leach at ShinyShiny, is "that you have to leave Foodily to see the full recipe." With this lovely design and concept, it's a shame it's only a "content curator." View a video previewing Foodily: