Less than 24 hours after star MSNBC talk-show host Keith Olbermann abruptly exited the network under mysterious circumstances, liberal activists had already come up with a new job for him: U.S. Senator. Daily Kos blogger "Stranded Wind" and his cohorts have started a "Draft Olbermann" Facebook page and Twitter account, and say they will deploy their "full set of campaign tools" to convince Olbermann to run for retiring Sen. Joe Lieberman's (I-CT) seat, and win it. Intriguing scenario or terrible idea? (Watch a CBS report about Olbermann's departure)

He's the man: Drafting Olbermann is "a tremendous long shot," says Stranded Wind in Daily Kos, but it's worth a try. "A man his age is nowhere near ready for retirement," but Olbermann is "just old enough, smart enough, polished enough, and has all of the other attributes that would make him a darned good Senator for the state of Connecticut." True, he lives in New York now, but "he used to live in Connecticut and could easily return and establish residency."
"Senator Keith Olbermann"

Let's end this campaign now: I know the year is still young, but this is easily the "dumbest idea of 2011," says Rick Green in the Hartford Courant. Olbermann makes a "perfect TV caricature," and he should stay on the air. Just not C-SPAN. The last thing Connecticut, or the U.S. Senate, needs is "another arrogant and self-absorbed politician who doesn't get along with anyone."
"Olbermann for Senate: Dumbest idea of 2011"

Maybe we should start "Republicans for Olbermann": "I heartily endorse the idea," says Allahpundit in Hot Air. For one thing, it "may well be the only way the GOP can pick up a seat in Connecticut." Or not — remember Sen. Al Franken? But either way, having Olbermann in the political news would be great for us righty bloggers, since his inevitable antics would serve as "chronic reminders to the left that they have their own little rhetorical storm fronts contributing to the 'climate of hate.'"
"Are you ready for Senator Olbermann?"