The video: Two years after the Snuggie — "America's favorite blanket with sleeves" — became a profitable viral sensation, a new competitor is trying to end ithe Snuggie's reign as the garment of choice for unambitious loungers. Two young entrepreneurs have come up with the Forever Lazy, a fleece onesie with matching footie socks. A new commercial (watch it below) bills the loose-fitting, zip-up pajamas as "full body lazy wear" and shows people of all ages wearing the Forever Lazy as they zone out, pig out, and attend TV football games. You'll have no problems undressing when "duty calls," the ad promises: The Forever Lazy has "zippered hatches" in the front and back. 
The reaction: This takes the unflattering "blanket-as-fashion trend" a step too far, says Lindsay Goldwert in the New York Daily News. The Snuggie is bad enough, but the goofy Forever Lazy "makes its wearers look like an Easter bunny." Still, Snuggie execs should beware, says Mary Elizabeth Williams in Salon. This ad is squarely targeting their motivationally challenged customers: "Nothing could say, 'I've given up on trying to impress you, world'... [than] a package whose return address reads 'Forever Lazy.'" Scoff if you must, says Adam Wilson in BlackBook, but I always loved the footie pajamas I wore as a kid and these have hoods, detachable feet. Despite the product's name, I "could be very productive zipped into one of these." Watch the Forever Lazy ad: