The National Retail Federation has already declared Halloween 2010 a success, with trick-or-treaters and party-goers shelling out more on costumes, candy, and decorations than they did last year. "People are expected to embrace Halloween with even more enthusiasm," says NRF chief executive Matt Shay. How much enthusiasm? Here are the numbers:

Amount the average American will spend on Halloween this year

Average expenditure on on a costume

Average expenditure on candy

Share of costumes purchased online this year

Share of costumes purchased at Halloween pop-up stores

Total number of Halloween pop-up stores this year in the U.S.

$5.8 billion
Estimated total Halloween spending in 2010 — a 17.7% jump over last year

Jump in sales of canned pumpkin

Rise in sales of carving pumpkins

Cost of Dremel's 6-volt Pumpkin Carving Kit tool

Americans who say they'll dress up this year (up from 33 percent last year)

Americans who say they'll dress up their pets

Americans who believe in ghosts

Sources: Reuters,, Business News Daily, Daily Star, Fox News