This weekend saw the release of The Social Network, David Fincher's critically acclaimed retelling of Facebook's creation by Harvard wunderkind Mark Zuckerberg. Already touted as a leading Oscar contender, the film has earned $23 million and — unsurprising for a story about the web — inspired internet pranksters to satirize the movie's distinctive, unsettling trailer. The best of the spoof videos — like these six — explore how other online success stories might translate to the big screen:

1. YouTube: The Movie
If The Social Network were about YouTube instead of Facebook, says Caroline Stanley at Flavorwire, it might look a lot like this "super melodramatic" parody. "And, it probably goes without saying, there would be more sneezing pandas."


2. The Twit Network

The creators of this Twitter-themed parody win extra points for composing their own version of Radiohead's Creep, a cover of which is used in the original trailer:


3. The Auction Site

"I thought we were Pay-Pals!" With this retelling of the story of eBay, says Peter Sciretta at Slash Film, it's becoming clear that the Social Network meme is almost as versatile as the Hitler/Downfall subtitle meme of 2006. "Everyone and their mother" is riffing off the original trailer:


4. The Other Social Network
People don't talk about MySpace as much now as they did back in 2005, but the humorists at Best Week Ever still felt it was worthy of parody


5. Ping

No sooner had Steve Jobs announced that iTunes 10 would include a social networking function called Ping than web comedians re-edited his introduction, highlighting the inadequacies of the service, in the style of The Social Network trailer:


6. Zuckerberg: The Movie

The creators of this parody have re-imagined The Social Network as written by its subject, Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg. The 26-year-old's version of events, they imagine, would be somewhat different than those portrayed in the recently released movie: